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Press Advisory

Press Advisory
We tell your story
In a mediated society, it is the press who legitimizes. In the global market, it is the reputation that matters. In this context, our role is to develop narratives that influence the creation of news to increase our clients' reputation and increase corporate results.
In developing a Media Relations Plan, the strategic axes of communication, the selection of target audiences, media segmentation, the creation of key messages and frameworks are privileged, depending on the specific media profile.
To expand the message in the public space, to influence the creation of positive perceptions, that is our focus.
Solid and sustainable relationships with different media genres over 15 years allow us to develop wide media coverage with the various media segments - television, radio, printed press and online.

 What we do:

- Consulting and definition of communication plans;

- Management of the relationship between our client and the media;

- Identification of communication opportunities to maximize positive press coverage;

- Theme proposals for the press;

- Organization of visits and customer press trips, accompanying journalists;

- Writing of interview guides;

- Document conceptualization and design for journalists;

- Crisis Communication Management.