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Internal Communication

Communicate and create teams.
Communicate and create teams
Internal Communication is key to the success of organizations. Firstly, because it is a "facilitator" tool to achieve results. Secondly, because it highlights the intangibles values that enable differentiation in business pluralization.

To increase the sense of belonging, to encourage teams towards a common project, to reduce uncertainties due to business vulnerability, to increase participation and introduce a climate of individual and collective concern towards the competition are some of our guidelines in the development and implementation of Internal Communication strategies. 


What we do:

- Consulting and definition of Communication Plans;

- Communication Plan Implementation;

- Creation of Internal Communication Campaigns;

- Organization of Internal Communication Actions;

- Organization of thematic workshops and Business Protocol, Organizational Culture and Communication Skills training.

Based on the corporate culture and management objectives, we create content and develop Communication Design for various institutional communication supports:

 - Corporate Book;

- Audit Report;

- Commemorative Editions;

- Social Responsibility Report;

- Internal Journal;

- Institutional Magazine;

- Welcome Guide;

- Code of Conduct.