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AD communication - Communication Agency.

AD Communication is a Communication Consulting Agency specialized in Corporate Communication, Media Relations, Internal Communication, Digital Communication and Public Relations.


The company was founded by Ana Aires Duro in 2011, after a career as a journalist and coordinator of Corporate Communication in a multinational company.

AD Communication is born from a vision and experience of integrated communication, combining strategy and planning of Media Relations, Public Relations, Social Media and Internal Communication.

The communication is led by two main goals: to create and manage the client's reputation through the construction of trust relationships with the stakeholders; and to contribute to the business' growth.

How? By creating communication strategies and impactful narratives, through the identification and mapping of the target audience, aligned with the management strategy.

Over the years, we have built strong and lasting partnership relations. The proximity and the involvement in our clients' challenges has allowed us to develop effective communication campaigns and be a strategic communication partner in numerous areas such as Industry, Construction, Fashion, Design, Education, Information and Health Technologies.
Passion, commitment and rigor define our DNA.


Our mission:
To create and manage the client's reputation for better corporative performance.
Our values:
AD Communication is defined by an attitude of rigor and discretion, acting in accordance with the "Stockholm Code", which governs the activity of Communication and Public Relations consulting agencies.

These are companies that provide professional services to help clients influence opinions, attitudes and behaviours. In parallel with this influence comes the responsibility to our customers, our employees, our profession and society at large.


Objective advisement

aconselhamento objetivo adcommunication

Communication and Public Relations Consulting Agencies cannot have interests that might compromise their role as independent consultants.They should approach their clients with objectivity, in order to help them adopt the best strategy and communication behaviours. 



Accomplishment of Targets

cumprimentos das metas adcommunication

Consultants must work with their clients in order to establish clear expectations beforehand about the outcome of their efforts. They must define specific goals for communication actions and then work to meet these goals. Consultancies must not offer guarantees which are not reasonable or that compromise the integrity of the communication channels.



Social Responsibility

responsabilidade social adcommunication

Open society, freedom of speech and a free press create the context for the profession of Public Relations.

The consulting agencies operate under an open society, comply with its rules and work with customers who adopt the same philosophy.





conflitos adcommunication

Consultancies may represent clients with conflicting interests. The work with a new conflictive client should not start without the already existing client being offered the opportunity to exercise the rights concerning his contract with the consulting agency.



confidencialidade adcommunication

Trust is at the heart of the relationship between the client and the Consulting Agency of Communication and Public Relations.

The information that has been provided in confidence by a client and that is not publicly known should not be shared with other parties without the customer's consent.




representao adcommunication

Consultancies may refuse or accept an assignment based on the personal opinions of company managers or the organization's focus.







Information Integrity


Public Relations Consulting Agencies should not knowingly mislead an audience about factual information or about the interests represented by a client.

The Consulting Agencies must make their best efforts to strive for accuracy.

Business and Management Practices
praticas adcommunication

While contacting with all stakeholders the Communication and Public Relations' Consulting Agencies must adopt an ethical behaviour and implement the best known business practices.